about me

i love. my life. my family. my love. my son. he always puts a smile on my face <3
i love. food. smell it. taste it. cook it. most of all i like sweet stuff. bakery and desserts.
i love. paper. reading. paint on it. design it. cut it. fold it. print on it. wrap up. doing all the paperstuff.
i love. pics. which are moving me. tells a great story. make me stunning. so, i love photography.
i love. partys. to manage them. to style them. to invite. to enjoy them. also for the kiddos.
i love. weddings. the atmosphere. all kind of. bohemian. vintage. urban. folk. but stylish.
i love. design. in many ways. graphics. interior. exterior. objects. which appeals to me.
i love. diy. in every way. with every material. with every tool. girls stuff and also mens stuff.
i love. travel. but most of the time i stay at home. so i love travel pics and posts of your blogs.
i love. gardening. planting. not thinking. only doing. watching while growing. and harvesting.
i love. tipps and tricks. good to know. helpful ideas.
i love. fitness. running. yoga. some times more. some times less. and archery.
i love. my friends. laughing. get together. just be. still love them. especially girls days. nights.
i love. human. the good ones. regardless of color. nation. gender. age. religion or anything else.
i love. goodies. free downloads. give aways. make somebody happy. so i will some offer to you.
i love. social networking. blogging. instagram. pinterest. like the good netiquette on this channels.


i love. so much more. reading a book. music. drinking a glas of wine. chillin‘. the nature. the city …
i need. projects. creativity. always need something to do. create. take a pic of it. share.